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型號: 美國龜牌 T-241A 白色磨光粗蠟(去除輕至中度污漬及劃痕) 298g



  • 即使汽車清漆中的輕至中度劃痕、漩渦和氧化,我們的白色拋光劑也能解決
  • 除了可作為塗上油漆前的預備工作,這種拋光劑可以修復白堊、褪色和劃傷油漆
  • 儘管屬於強力拋光劑,但仍可以塗在清漆和車蠟上
  • 專為汽車漆面安全而開發,即使是第一次使用,不會像許多其他腐蝕性化合物一樣侵蝕清漆
  • 高性能化合物,可去除輕至中度劃痕、漩渦、污漬和氧化
  • 非常適合去除擦撞後留下的輕微刮痕
  • 使用後車身乾淨光滑,呈現如新的美麗光澤


Model: Turtle Wax T-241A Polishing Compound Light To Medium Cleaner (298g)



  • Even scratches, swirls and oxidation in your car’s clear coat are no match for our White Polishing Compound
  • Short of getting a new paint job, using this polishing compound is the surefire way to restore chalky, faded and scratched paint surfaces
  • And even though this abrasive, aggressive polishing compound is tough on paint imperfections, it’s easy on your clear coat and car wax
  • Developed to be safe for car finishes, even when used by first timers, our White Polishing Compound will not burn into your clear coat like many other aggressive compounds
  • Prepare to be amazed at how easily you can restore your car’s paint finish right in your own driveway
  • High-performance compound removes light to medium scratches, swirls, stains and oxidation
  • Outstanding for removing paint transfer from parking lot scrapes
  • Finishes clean and smooth for a beautiful, like-new gloss

美國龜牌 T-241A 白色磨光粗蠟(去除輕至中度污漬及劃痕)298g - Polishing Compound(298g)



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