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型號: 美國龜牌 T-230A 粗蠟(去除重度污漬及劃痕) 298g



  • 通過撫平汽車外部的劃痕、漩渦和掉漆痕跡,將磨損、損壞的表面轉變為全新狀態
  • 這種簡單的修復方案可深層清潔並恢復舊有氧化的油漆,輕鬆易用,讓汽車恢復到原來的顏色和光澤
  • 與乾淨的超細纖維布或新的摩擦墊一起使用,可在幾分鐘內恢復車輛的光澤和外觀
  • 簡單地去除汽車表面較嚴重的劃痕、磨損、氧化和掉漆
  • 強力配方可去除更深的划痕和瑕疵,恢復車身原有狀態
  • 可安全用於光油層上


Model: Turtle Wax T-230A Rubbing Compound Heavy Duty Cleaner (298g)



  • Our Renew & Restore Rubbing Compound transforms worn, damaged surfaces to like-new condition by smoothing scratches, swirls and ugly paint transfer marks on your car exterior
  • This simple scratch repair solution deep cleans and rejuvenates old, oxidized paint with easy on-and-off application, returning your car back to its original color and vibrancy
  • Use this classic rubbing compound for cars with a clean, microfiber cloth or a fresh rubbing pad to restore your vehicle’s glossy, showroom look in minutes
  • Removes scratches, scuffs, oxidation and paint transfer from the surface of your car with easy on-and-off application
  • Renew & Restore heavy-duty formula removes deeper scratches and imperfections
  • Safe to use on your clear coat

美國龜牌 T-230A 粗蠟(去除重度污漬及劃痕)298g - Rubbing Compound Heavy Duty Cleaner(298g)



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