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型號: 美國龜牌 T-50655 防紫外光美化保護劑 (680ml)



  • 可清潔和保護車身表面,避免磨損和清除灰塵,快速從內到外修飾車身表面。這種多功能汽車護理產品可去除輕微的污垢和殘留物,同時在表面塗上一層光滑的防護層,可抵禦強烈的紫外線,防止車身飾面開裂和變色,從而延長輪胎、裝飾件和易損儀表板的使用壽命
  • 此外,使用後使車身表面更光滑,有助於去除污垢和防污,可節省時間和精力來維護汽車清潔!
  • 可清潔和保護汽車內外的塑料、橡膠和乙烯基表面
  • 通過排斥有害紫外線來防止車身出現裂縫和褪色,同時散發光澤
  • 不油膩、不留痕配方,方便隨時隨地使用


Model: Turtle Wax T-50655 Inside & Out Car Protectant (680ml)



  • Our Quick & Easy car protectant cleans and protects worn, lightly dusted surfaces to quickly spruce up your finish both inside and out. This versatile car care essential removes loose soils and residues while coating surfaces in a glossy, polymer shield that repels harsh UV rays
  • Just spray and wipe this streak-free solution to prevent cracking and discoloration long before it begins, prolonging the life of your tires, trim and vulnerable dashboard
  • Plus, Inside & Out Protectant makes surfaces slick and smooth to help dirt and other soils shed away, saving you time and effort maintaining your car in the long run! You’re only one spritz away from months of long-lasting protection and shine
  • Cleans and protects plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces on both the interior and exterior of your car
  • Glossy polymer coating prevents cracks and fading by repelling harmful UV rays while augmenting your flawless, showroom finish
  • Quick & Easy non-greasy, streak-free formula for convenient and on-the-go use

美國龜牌 T-50655 防紫外光美化保護劑(680ml) - Inside & Out Car Protectant(680ml)



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